My name is Louise, and I am an elder. Three years ago, my mother, husband and I moved to Mission. After being estranged from another church for over thirty years, I decided to try a new church. I picked St Paul's for a practical reason. I could walk there.

Our first Sunday, my mother and I walked into the sanctuary, and were greeted by a couple of people who made us feel welcome. We then watched a slim, dark haired woman walk toward the pulpit, and were amazed to discover that she was the pastor. It felt weird being in church again after so many years of being away, but at the end of the service, the pastor, Rebecca, introduced herself and made us feel welcome.

My mother and I started going to services on a regular basis. We were inspired by the sermons, and church became a warm, comfortable place to start our Sunday mornings. The other members of the congregation continued to make us feel welcome, and we were invited to take part in numerous events. We had gained a second family.

Six months later, after taking preparation courses, I became a member of the church. That was a humbling moment for me. Within a year, I was asked to consider becoming an elder. I felt honoured and terrified at the same time, but after much consideration, decided to take on the challenge. I never expected to be chosen as an elder, but it felt right. It felt as if God were calling me. Rebecca always tells us that if we ask God for help, his answer is always yes. I just realized that the reverse is also true. If God asks us for something, our answer should always be yes.