In Canada, we are good at finding occasions to celebrate. We celebrate, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Christmas, Easter, graduation... There are a myriad of reasons to celebrate - some big, some small. We buy cakes, blow up balloons, put up decorations, set off fireworks. We even invent occasions to celebrate. Some of them are endearing - like mother’s day and father’s day, and some are just wacky - like devilled egg day and clean your refrigerator day. I think if somebody needed to be reminded to clean their fridge, or only cleaned it once a year, that I would hesitate before eating anything that came out of it.
Christians are also good at finding reasons to celebrate. Tomorrow, October 30th, St Paul’s is having a “bring your friend to church” day. Perhaps this is something that should happen more often. We need to share our faith. We need to encourage other people to share our love for God, and to share God’s Love for us.