We like to believe that we are good Christians, and sometimes that makes us feel as if we are morally superior. This morning I received an article in my email about 'declining morality in society'. In some ways, it was a rude awakening. Among other things, the author complained about the abundance of swearing, even by very young children. I have noticed this myself, and find it disturbing,

As a teenager, growing up in Quebec, I remember being told that all French swear words revolve around religion. I just realized that a lot of English ones do as well. I looked up dictionary definitions of swear, and found several meanings. One definition is to use profane oaths or language. Another is to make a solemn declaration or affirmation by some sacred object. I realized that I am guilty of swearing, and often don't realize it. I say, "Oh my God" or "Oh, for Heaven's sake".

According to author, Melissa Mohr, the use of religious based swear words is a sign of the decline of religion in modern society. I think that swearing is just becoming more socially acceptable. We hear it everywhere, on television, on the radio, and are developing a tolerance, or just tuning it out. I intend to practice mindful living, and replace my OMGs with "for goodness sake".