Nazareth was bustling with activity. People came from miles away to visit the shops and to learn about Mary, and her son, Jesus. Kids loved smashing rocks in the rock quarry and looking for treasures. The boys enjoyed making olive oil scrub as much as the girls did. At the bead bazaar, one little girl made beads every night. At the carpentry shop, kids learned how to make necklaces with wooden pendants, hand carts, and coat hooks. Potatoes, garlic, zinnias and beans were planted in the farmer's field. Kids were able to make dyed flowers and tie dye tshirts.

Kate enjoyed the variety of shops and the choices in the shops. Nevin and Ayden both enjoyed playing games, and Olie really liked the food. Serena enjoyed the songs the most, and Sophie loved everything. Beth was enthusiastic about planting vegetables and flowers in the farmer's field. A visitor commented that everything was very pretty, especially the tie dyed tshirts.

Mary informed me that she had an interesting neighbour, Eunice, who liked to drop by her little house. Mary and her visitors had been trying to convince Eunice that Jesus really was God's son, but Eunice was sceptical. She was asking all the kids to tell her everything that they knew about Jesus. The kids shared coins with Eunice that she was able to use in the marketplace, and they told her stories about Jesus. On the last day, the kids shared their God sightings. Eunice announced that she had a new belief in Jesus.