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Thank you to all who donated items to our spring garage sale.  The Men's and Ladies' Groups were able to raise nearly $1500 to be used to benefit a variety of community charities.  

Many children from our congregation and community will receive support for attending summer camp at Camp Douglas this summer because of the hard work and dedication of the many volunteers who worked on this fun event.

Some proceeds will go to support our other outreach ministries such as the Ladies' group care packages that go to transition houses in Mission and to our Kids Club which is free to all children ages 5 to 11.  Also, the Shout!!! Youth Group will receive some funds for their exciting program.

Not only did we accomplish a great fundraiser, but we enjoyed the comradery of the day and the great pancakes our men are so good at making!

Thanks also goes to our Shout!!! Youth Group and their leaders.  The service in the dining room was impeccable and so friendly.  Thanks again for your great attitudes and good service!

Looking forward to our next garage sale and pancake breakfast in the fall!