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Sunday school is an integral part of most church services. It helps children to learn about God and to become integrated into the church community. We had a special service this past Sunday at St Paul's Church, a celebration for teachers, youth leaders, youth, children and the congregation. We were given coloured paper hearts in different sizes that we signed, and used to acknowledge our commitments to one another. The children's hearts asked, "Will you teach me so that Christ may dwell in my heart through faith?" The teachers' hearts said. "I will teach you so that Christ may dwell in your heart through faith." The hearts given to the congregation stated, "I will pray that Christ will dwell in all our hearts through faith." Our minister, Reverend Rebecca Simpson, asked that we keep these hearts in a special place, like a Bible, so that we can look at them and remember our pledges to one another

The Sunday School service was also a special event combining all the classes. When Sunday school begins, a church replica is passed around, that the children put their coins into for collection while they sing "Count Your Blessings". This year, the children voted to participate in the Presbyterian World Service and Development Challenge, "The Power of 50,000". The money that is raised in this challenge will be used to help the people of Malawi, to help children go to school, to help young people find jobs, to help farmers purchase seeds, and to help women join savings groups so that they are able to start their own businesses. The children at Sunday School voted to try to raise $870.00 for the challenge; this is the highest level of commitment. This will come from the children's offerings on Sundays, and some of the children plan to donate part of the money that they make by doing chores. This is an impressive commitment. It teaches children that we need to share our gifts with people who are in need, and it teaches all of us how to care for other people. 

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