God speaks to us

Recently a good friend informed me that God had spoken to her, telling her that I am one of His beloved children. Sometimes, at church, some of my fellow Christian claim that God has spoken to them. I wonder if... Read More

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Kids Bible Camp - donations for Mission Youth House

Kids Bible Camp in July was attended by over 30 children and youth.  We travelled with Joseph from prison to palace in ancient Egypt!  We learned that God gives us hope, wisdom, different abilities, forgiveness and... Read More

Book Review Who Stole My Church

Who Stole My Church by Gordon Macdonald Publisher: Thomas Nelson   This book was first published in 2007, but is still relevant today. The format is intriguing. It is a series of discussions amongst older members of... Read More

Bring a Friend to Church - October 30

In Canada, we are good at finding occasions to celebrate. We celebrate, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Christmas, Easter, graduation... There are a myriad of reasons to celebrate - some big, some small. We buy... Read More

Garage sale

Garage Sale & Pancake Breakfast

Saturday September 24th 8:00 am to noon Garage Sale Pancake Breakfast   Come by and search for treasures!  Fill up on pancakes!  Proceeds go to supporting children to go to summer camp at Camp Douglas. Read More

Book Review

Five Minutes with Jesus author Sheila Walsh publisher Thomas Nelson   The title of this book really appealed to me. How difficult could that be? Five minutes with Jesus. In the introduction, Sheila Walsh explains,... Read More

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Kids Club Kicks Off

Kids Club is off to a great start this season!  The up to 20 children who attend, arrive excitedly from school to fresh fruit cut for their beginning snack.  Once the children have had some time to visit and get... Read More

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HOPE Garden - Community Outreach

HOPE (Helping Other People Eat) Garden The harvest is in!  In this, our first year of gardening, we learned so much about team work, God's grace and the importance of sharing with our neighbors. The HOPE Garden was... Read More

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Teachers and Youth Leaders Celebration

Sunday school is an integral part of most church services. It helps children to learn about God and to become integrated into the church community. We had a special service this past Sunday at St Paul's Church, a... Read More

Life of Trust

In God we trust, all others pay cash. This saying was popular in the 1960s; the title of the sermon reminded me of it. I remember a friend asking me if I knew what it meant. I took it literally, and she said that I... Read More