We seek to glorify God as we grow in our faith and knowledge through worship, the study of the Bible, prayer, fellowship, and sharing our faith in word and action as we relate to others in our community and beyond.

We are now having hybrid Sunday morning worship services. Choose from three options how you would like to join in! Recorded YouTube services, live Zoom streams, and in-person worship are all available now. We still need to limit the number of people in each service, so please contact Pastor Rebecca if you would like to come to church on Sunday morning.

An email will be sent out each week with the bulletin and any online events. If you wish to be added to this email list, email [email protected] 

We still care about fellowship and community care during this difficult time. If you are in need of someone to talk to, or assistance with grocery delivery or other essential errands, phone 604-826-8481. Don't forget to care for your neighbours, family, and friends while remaining a safe distance... send a card, phone around, ask who needs prayers. We can still be a strong community during COVID-19!