June 1889 - Reverend Alexander Dunn, a Presbyterian missionary, who came to establish churches in the area, came from his home in Whonnock to conduct his first service in the school house in Mission. He continued to preach once a month, with other services being taken by other ministers.

1892 - Trinity Methodist Church opened their building on 2nd Avenue and invited the Presbyterians to share their services, which were held in the afternoons, and were alternately Methodist and Presbyterian.

1894 - St Andrew's Presbyterian Church was built on 2nd Avenue at Welton Street.

1908 - The Methodist and Presbyterian Churches started their own Sunday School.

1925 - The Methodist, Congregational and Presbyterian denominations across Canada combined to form the United Church of Canada

1927 - St Andrew's Presbyterian Church entered into a local union with Trinity United Church under the name of St Andrew's United Church.

January 1948 - The petition to organize as a Presbyterian Church in Mission City contained nineteen names.

February 1949 - The Church received a grant of $10,000. to purchase the Japanese building on 7th Avenue from the United Church

1950 - The Ladies Group was started.

1953 - The congregation approved the name of St Paul's Presbyterian Church.

1954 - St Paul's became an augmented charge, giving us the privilege of appointing our own minister.

1957 - St Paul's began using the envelope system for church collections.

1969 - Summer Vacation Bible School was a success with sixty children enrolled.

May 1970 - The loan on the church was paid in full.

1974 - The ladies group was responsible for putting down carpet in the sanctuary.

1979 - St Paul's prayer chain began with seven members.

The ladies group have held a fall bazaar and tea since the inception of the ladies group. They have also provided flowers in the sanctuary each Sunday, as well as having coffee hour after church once a month.

1979 - Vacation Bible School had seventy-five children enrolled.

March - Coloured windows designed by John Aicken were installed in the sanctuary.

1981 - The Agape study group began.

There were eighty-one children enrolled in Vacation Bible School. Vacation Bible School was held at the Leisure Centre for several years.

1984 - St Paul's became self supporting.

1985 - The men's club was formed.

The sunday School started gathering used stamps for the Canadian Bible Society.

1986 - The ladies group had four hundred "Our Favourite Recipes" cookbooks printed as a fundraiser.

March 7, 1987 - St Paul's hosted the 100th anniversary of the World Day of Prayer.

May 29, 1987 - St Paul's purchased a 3.6 acre site for a new church on Cedar Street at a cost of $75,000.

September 12, 1987 - The men's group hosted their first pancake breakfast.

October 2-4, 1987 - The 40th Anniversary Celebration of Presbyterian Services was held at St Paul's.

January 1988 - The Camp Douglas camper fund was established.

A junior youth group of ten to twelve year olds began meeting on Monday evenings.

September 11, 1988 - The first Sunday of two services, 9:30 and 11:00

February 1989 - The building fund stood at $27,786.42

September 10, 1989 - Keystone Architects were appointed as architects.

September 24, 1989 - A Trailblazer group was charted for young people in grades five to seven. The group met on Mondays.

A family service was begun at both 9:30 and 11:00, whenever a month had five Sundays.

December 17, 1991 - The building permit for the church building was issued and construction began.

April 24, 1992 - Construction of St Paul's Presbyterian Church was completed.

May 3, 1992 - Moving day. A transitional service began at the old church and ended at the new church.

June 1993 - The congregation approved the floor plan and other arrangements for the new manse.

June 1995 - The congregation approved the sale of the manse on 7th Avenue and the building of the new manse.

April 1996 - St Paul's was hooked into the Internet.

October 11, 1996 - The ladies evening group was started.

September 28, 1997 - The last of the building debt was paid off.

Spring 1998 - St Paul's notebooks were delivered to 10,000 homes.

March 4, 2001 - The Annual Meeting approved celebrating the Sacrament of Holy Communion on the first Sunday of every month.

May 5, 2002 - The 10th anniversary of the new building was celebrated.

February 9, 2003 - It was decided at the annual general meeting that annual general meetings would be held in Nivember to better plan for expenses starting in January.

2004 - Doug and Carelle McKellan started Shout, a church youth group.

May 30, 2004 The congregation approved a forty-two foot NW expansion of the church building.

September 8, 2005 - Sod turning for the expansion project

December 15, 2005 The expansion project was completed.

2006 - The church extension was officially opened. It included a large lounge, two large classrooms, a storage room, a Fireside room, a large handicap bathrrom and an industrial dishwasher in the kitchen.

2007 - A new cookbook "Our favourite Recipes Volume 2" went on sale.