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In these resources you will find stories of people—from across Canada and around the world—sharing God’s love, hope, peace and justice with those around them. These stories bring to life the ministry of The Presbyterian Church in Canada supported through gifts to Presbyterians Sharing and Presbyterian World Service & Development. May they help you and your congregation think about mission in your own community in a new way.

See below for links to download the nine separate study guides. Each contains a scriptural reflection, discussion or personal questions, hymn ideas and a prayer. Use them however you like--for your own personal reflection, within your family, or with a group of friends as you meet online or outdoors.

Studies 1-5: Mission Around the World

Study 1: Hope in the Midst of a Pandemic

Study 2: A Ray of Hope

Study 3: Taking Risks

Study 4: Veronica's Return

Study 5: The Prison Experience

Studies 6-9: Mission in Canada

Study 6: The Spirit is With Us

Study 7: Shining God's Light in Saskatoon

Study 8: Radical Acts of Kindness

Study 9: Connecting with Community